Are You A Salon Owner?

Need More Money? Want to Get Off The Tools?Feels like it’ll NEVER happen? It can…

Do you feel like you are drowning in bills, staff issues and working way too many hours?

Do you want more time back to have a life, to be a mum, a wife, a friend, a sister?

Do you want to have YOUR Salon phone ringing off the hook with clients that are fighting to get an appointment at YOUR Salon?

Little Bit About Emma

I bought a salon at the age of 19, I then built it from a $80,000 a year turnover to a $500,000 in just 4 years! I then sold my salon for 6 Figures.

Then last year I purchased another salon that was not in a very good state at all. I doubled the turnover in the first week that I took it over. Then had it turning over $10,000 a week each week after.

I took it from having gaps everywhere through the appointment book to being nearly solidly booked each day.

Within 5 weeks of owning it, I had paid back to myself the money that I had initially invested and was running at profit from then.

I don’t work in the salon besides a few hours here and there to help out – I can show you how you can have this profitable business without needing to work on the tools yourself 60 hours a week!

I’ve helped salon owners take their business’s from turning over next to nothing to making more money in a day that what they use to in a week. I’ve had salon owners DOUBLE their business just after speaking with me on the phone.

I call it as I see it, there is no Bullshit when you work with me. It is all about making you as much profit as possible, getting you off the tools, and growing a strong business that can run without you if you choose.

I am sick and tired of hearing people say that there is no money in this industry, or that we only do it because we love it. Or that you will never make any money in your own business for at least the first few years. THAT is a load of crap – you should be making profit as soon as you can!

There is money and lots of it if you know how to find it!

I’m looking for a select few salon owners that are prepared to do whatever it takes to have that successful profitable business NOW – not in 5 years time!

Would you like to know what my secret to being a successful salon owner is? I can help you get there – ask me how!